Due Feb. 28: Montevideana IX International Conference

Montevideana IX
International Conference
Cervantes, Shakespeare. Latin American prism, refracted readings

José Cúneo. Cerco de tunas (1944) MNAV
24th, 25th and 26th June 2015
National Visual Arts Museum
Montevideo, Uruguay

Although the self has been the focus of study in literature since antiquity, in the days of Cervantes and Shakespeare a change in inflection occurred. In their works both writers fictionally represent the inner person, creating characters whose discourses express the subtle nuances of their consciences, their introspections leading to explorations concerning issues of moral doubt and attempts to chart the inner person, as well as, inevitably, to confrontations inherent to conflicts both within and among individuals. In doing so, Cervantes and Shakespeare sound the depths of self-analysis in a world where geographical frontiers were uncertain and tremendous changes were being wrought in every sphere of social life.
In the context of issues such as these, the IXth Montevideana Conference seeks to bring together innovative perspectives on Cervantes and Shakespeare as the fourth centenary of their deaths in 1616 draws near. The Conference calls for papers which will engage with these writers from a Latin American location; not only through explorations of their specific texts, but also in the dialogues these texts have established with readers embarked upon hazardous journeys of varied readings, reinterpretations, recreations, versions, translations and transliterations.
For further information and reception of proposals (before 28/02/15):
Organisers: The Departments of Modern Literatures and of Literary Theory and Methodology, Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad de la Academic and Organising Committee: Eleonora Basso, Alma Bolón, Lindsey Cordery, Federico Giordano, María de los Ángeles González, Emilio Irigoyen, Gabriel Lagos, Fernando Ordóñez, Claudia Pérez, Gustavo Remedi, Louise von Bergen.