Due Dec. 20 | Texts and Contexts VII – Call for Papers

Texts & Contexts VII
The Influence of Vernacular Discourses on Neo-Latin Literature
21st-23rd April 2016
Innsbruck, Austria
Organisers: Florian Schaffenrath (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies, Innsbruck), Alexander Winkler (FU Berlin)
more detailed information: http://neolatin.lbg.ac.at/news/texts-contexts-vii-influence-vernacular-discourses-neo-latin-literature
Early Modernity was a period marked, to a large extent, by bilingualism or even multilingualism. Authors writing during the period were often active in both vernacular and Latin language discourses. Modern research has not, however, given sufficient attention to the polyglot character of the Early Modern world thus far.
The seventh Texts & Contexts conference will, then, be expressly dedicated to the interplay between Neo-Latin literature and its vernacular contexts. More specifically, we intend to trace the influence of literary-theoretical discussions in the vernacular on the production of Neo-Latin texts.
By means of this approach we mean to encourage, on the one hand, a consideration of the poetological context of Neo-Latin writing in the widest sense, while on the other hand we intend to show that Neo-Latin was not merely a classicising, reactionary literature, purely focused on looking back to its ancient roots, but rather a literature which profited from a lively and organic engagement with vernacular writing. We invite proposals for 30-minute papers.
Contributions are welcome in English, French, Italian and German. Please send an abstract of ca. 300 words to Florian Schaffenrath (florian.schaffenrath@neolatin.lbg.ac.at) or Alexander Winkler (alexander.winkler@fu-berlin.de) by 20th December 2015.