GC Digital Initiatives Events

Event: “Doc-a-thon”
Monday, March 6, 2017, 5:00 – 10:00 pm
Room 3317
The Digital Fellows will be hosting a Doc-a-thon, held in collaboration with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science’s Docathon Kickoff, to generate better documentation for open source software. Good documentation for tools, applications, and code libraries are often a user’s first point of entry, but it’s often overlooked and underdeveloped. The GC Digital Fellows are providing space and resources for those who enjoy and use open source projects to help improve documentation and thereby improving and extending the project’s use.
We’ll provide you with an introduction to the projects, a discussion of good documentation practices, and help setting up your development environment. You can work on your own personal project or help out on a participating project, such as DH BoxOmekaMatplotlibPandas, and Clawpack.
See our announcement to register.
Workshop: “So You Want to Start a Podcast?”  
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 , 6:30-8:30pm
Are you curious about podcasting? Have you thought about starting one, or being involved in one, but feel unsure about the technology you will need, or the skills required to make it happen? Have you ever wondered if podcasting is a viable medium to integrate into your research, class assignments, public outreach, or departmental projects? This workshop will address all of these questions, with a general introduction to the medium and discussion of strategies and opportunities for integrating podcasting into your work as a scholar. We will also talk through the basic technology needed, and what is available to you as a GC student or faculty member to help make your podcast ideas realistically possible. We will end the workshop with a short collaborative demo, designed to demonstrate the process of bringing a podcast episode into existence, from choosing a topic and planning content, through the process of recording, producing, and publishing an episode. No technical skills or prior experience with podcasting or audio editing is required, only an interest in the medium and a desire to learn more about it!
This workshop will be hosted by Naomi Barrettara.
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