Deadline Dec 15 | Application for Renaissance and Early Modern Travel and Research Grant

The application to apply for a Renaissance and Early Modern Travel and Research Grant for 2017-2018 is now open for submissions.  Students will no longer be required to deliver physical paper copies of completed applications.  Instead students will be required to submit an application online, providing a description of the research project, description of the conference or the research collection they are traveling to, and an itemized budget.  The full details and guidelines are available on the Renaissance Studies website (  Students should read the guidelines and instructions on this page carefully before submitting an application.
To be eligible to apply for a grant, students must 1) be matriculated at level 2 or level 3 in a Ph.D. program at the CUNY Graduate Center at the time of application; 2) be working towards a Ph.D. in the Renaissance or Early Modern period (1350-1700); and 3) be registered in the Renaissance Studies Certificate Program. The project for which the grant is to be used must deal with a topic within the chronological period 1350-1700. Previous grant recipients are not eligible to apply.
In addition to submitting an online application, students must also request a GC faculty member (who is working on the research project with them) to write a letter of recommendation.  Faculty will be sent a link to a separate online application, where they can upload their letter of recommendation.  Instructions for this is also available on the student application.  Please note that student applicants will not have access to view the letter of recommendation.
The deadline for submitting an application for the grant is Friday, December 15,, 2017 by midnight.