Due Jan. 15 | CFP Digitorium Digital Humanities Conference

Event:                   Digitorium Digital Humanities Conference
Where:                 University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
When:                  Thursday 9th April – Saturday 11th April 2015
We are delighted to invite proposals for Digitorium 2015, the inaugural Digital Humanities conference at the University of Alabama. We seek proposals on Digital Humanities work from researchers, practitioners, and graduate students which showcase innovative ways in which digital methods have brought scholarship and scholarly communities to life, whether locally or globally. Our plenary speakers Professor Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (Northeastern University) and Professor David Lee Miller (University of South Carolina) will anchor our program of events, reflecting our main focus on digital methods and the communities which these can forge, as well as our subject-specific interests in American studies and Early Modern studies. We especially welcome proposals which discuss the use of digital methods and their novel results for research, pedagogy, and public scholarship.
The deadline for submitting abstracts is 15th January 2014.
We have three key “pathways” for which participants can submit abstracts:
·         Digital Methods: presentations on exciting new applications of digital methods, whether to bring an under-served subject to public attention, or to break new ground in established fields.
·         Methods in Early Modern Digital Scholarship: proposals on the use of digital techniques in early modern studies, including literary and historical scholarship.
·         Methods in American Studies Digital Scholarship: proposals on the use of digital techniques in any aspect of American studies, broadly conceived to include the earliest known surviving evidence of Native American people to present day issues, from history to literature, music, religious studies, and gender and race studies.
Main Conference Proposals:
We seek proposals for the following types of presentation for Friday 10thApril and Saturday 11th April 2015:
·         20-minute papers
·         Posters
·         Digital exhibits
·         Bring your digital exhibit to the conference and present it as you would a poster.
·         Roundtables
·         Experiential presentations
·         20-30 minute workshop-style presentations walking your audience through a digital method which you have used for specific scholarly outcomes.
·         Panels of three or four 20-minute papers or two experiential presentations.
All proposals should be made via the Submissions page on the conference website. They should be between 400-500 words, with a 100-word version for inclusion in the conference program should the proposal be successful.
Deadline for submissions is 15th January 2015.
Pre-Conference Workshop Proposals:
We will be hosting a pre-conference on Thursday 9th April 2015 aimed primarily at educators and practitioners from the region keen to investigate digital methods for their pedagogy, public scholarship, and research, and to share some of their own innovative approaches in this field. The day will consist of a series of hands-on workshops, and we seek proposals from people interested in offering sessions. Workshop topics might include, but are not limited to, the following:
·         Interactive digital techniques for teaching and learning.
·         Digital texts: their use and creation in classroom settings.
·         Students as participants in digital knowledge creation.
·         Digital mapping.
·         Digital exhibit making for research and pedagogy.
·         Historical social networks made digital.
·         Creating Twitter histories.
Abstracts should be 400-500 words long with a 100-word version for inclusion in the conference program. Please submit these via the Submissions page of the conference website no later than 15th January 2015.
For more information about the conference, please visit our website (http://apps.lib.ua.edu/blogs/digitorium), and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Dr. Emma Annette Wilson, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Alabama Digital Humanities Center, at eawilson8@ua.edu and she will be happy to help, or to receive early proposals or ideas for Digitorium.
Digitorium is made possible by the generous support of the University Libraries, and the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies of the Department of English, at the University of Alabama.