Mar 24 | Organizing the Academic Precariat

Perspectives on National Trends and Recent Successes
Friday, March 24, 2017, 12-6pm
Murphy Institute, CUNY, 25 West 43rd St. 18th Fl.
Free | Lunch provided

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This half-day conference brings together scholars, unionists, and adjuncts to explore the latest research on the academic precariat and recent breakthroughs in adjunct organizing. How has austerity reshaped higher education, and with what consequences for faculty and students? How has the rise of contingent academic labor unfolded across public, private, four-year, and two-year institutions? What can we learn from successful adjunct unionization drives in New York and Washington, D.C., and from contract gains for adjuncts in California? What will recent and future threats to labor and higher education mean for contingent faculty?

Stephen Brier, CUNY | Malini Cadambi Daniel, SEIU
Luke Elliott-Negri, CUNY | Steven Hurlburt, American Institutes of Research
Jonathan Karpf, California Faculty Association
Sonam Singh, Barnard Contingent Faculty-UAW Local 2110
Co-sponsored by the Scholars Strategy Network and the Murphy Institute, CUNY