Instructors Needed — ENG 111 (Fall 2017)

Lehman College
15 Additional Instructors are Needed to Support English 111
ENG 111 is the first part of a two-semester course sequence in English Composition that fulfills the Required Common Core:  English Composition. Instructors work to ensure that students develop the essential strategies and skills of reading, writing, and critical thinking required for college level work across the curriculum.
Course Goals: There are three interrelated goals: 1) to develop ability to do close, critical readings of a variety of college level texts; 2) to hone critical thinking skills and strategies; and 3) to introduce and reinforce the requirements and standards of college level academic writing. To achieve these goals, the course focuses on all aspects of reading and writing, with particular attention to summary, critical responses to short texts, argumentative development in paragraphs and essays, and the rewriting process. Grading of written assignments emphasizes development of ideas, specificity, clarity, organization, language, accuracy, grammar, and mechanics.
Professional Development: On Thursday, August 24, the Freshman Year Initiative program will hold a meeting for all instructors participating in the Freshman Blocks. It is here that they begin to map out integrated approaches to coursework within their given blocks. This year, we plan to run a separate meeting/workshop immediately following the morning session for all ENG 111 instructors, new and seasoned, where the exchange of ideas will be mutually beneficial. Instructors will be compensated for their time.
Available Sections:
T/TH – 9:00-10:40am
T/TH – 2:00-3:40pm
M/W – 9:00-10:40am
M/W – 11:00-12:40pm
FRI – 9:00-12:30pm
For more information, please contact Steve Wyckoff, Director, Freshman Year Initiative (FYI)
@ 718.960.8720 or