Spring 2020 GEMS events

Spring 2020 GEMS events

Join us for more events this spring.  This year’s theme is “Economies of Race and Labor in the Atlantic World”.  Details on these events TBA.

March 12, 6 pm, Segal Theater (Cancelled)
Hernando Colón’s Library Catalogues
Featured speaker: Seth Kimmel (Columbia University)

Ferdinand Columbus maintained a complex series of key word indexes, alphabetical lists of authors and titles, numerical inventories, and book summaries to document his library, one of the largest collections of the sixteenth century. This talk explores these catalogues, including Columbus’s massive compendium of summaries, known as the Libro de los epítomes and recently rediscovered in the Arnamagnæan Institute’s archive in Copenhagen.

Seth Kimmel is an associate professor in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures at Columbia University, and the author of the award-winning book, Parables of Coercion: Conversion and Knowledge at the End of Islamic Spain (University of Chicago Press, 2015). His work on Hernando Colón is part of a second book project that studies the relationship between library culture and cosmographic inquiry in early modern Spain.

Co-sponsored by the Renaissance Society of America and the Bibliographical Society

March 27, 9am-5pm, Rooms 9206/9207
Conference: “Gold, Sugar, Tobacco: The Stuff of the Early Modern Atlantic World”

Speakers: Herman Bennett (Graduate Center), John Donoghue (Loyola Chicago), Edward
Holberton (Bristol), Russ Leo (Princeton), Feisal Mohamed (Graduate Center), Nathan
Nikolic (Graduate Center), Eric Song (Swarthmore), Valerie Forman (NYU), Jonathan Scott
(Auckland), Domna Stanton (Graduate Center)