CADRE: Co-Authored Drama in Renaissance England

CADRE: Co-Authored Drama in Renaissance England

CADRE: Co-Authored Drama in Renaissance England is a wiki-style forum for researchers to
share evidence and information about the co-authorship – a term that includes practices of
collaboration, revision, and adaptation – of early modern plays and other entertainments.

Inspired by the Lost Plays Database, CADRE seeks to provide a reliable resource for all those
interested in the history and creation of early modern English drama. When complete, the database
will include entries for all known co-authored plays and entertainments, professional and amateur,
from the early sixteenth century to the closure of the theatres in 1642.

The project is also building a helpful introductory guide to attribution studies, a glossary of key
terms, and a bibliography of relevant scholarship. In this beta phase of the database, the editors
have elected to focus on non-Shakespearean drama as they develop and road-test the platform.

Interested in contributing? Please see the ‘how to contribute’ page:

General Editors
Rory Loughnane (University of Kent)
Brett Greatley-Hirsch (University of Leeds)

Advisory Board
Karen Britland (University of Wisconsin–Madison); Hugh Craig (University of Newcastle);
Mel Evans (University of Leeds); Maura Giles-Watson (University of San Diego);
Tracey Hill (Bath Spa University); Heather Hirschfeld (University of Tennessee);
Jonathan Hope (Arizona State University); MacDonald P. Jackson (University of Auckland);
Erika T. Lin (City University of New York); David McInnis (University of Melbourne);
Will Sharpe (University of Birmingham); Greg Walker (University of Edinburgh).