Nov 3-5 | Early Modern Trans Studies II – Colby Gordon (Bryn Mawr College)

Early Modern Trans Studies II

Bryn Mawr College

Nov. 3-5, 2022

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Thursday, Nov. 3

9:45, Opening Remarks, Colby Gordon

10:00, Panel 1:

  • Sawyer Kemp, “Ickiness in the Archive, When Queer Solidarity Ain’t There: The Case of Aniseed Water Robin

  • Simone Chess, “Shakespeare in Trans Archives”

  • Urvashi Chakravarty, “Early Modern White Feminism”

11:30-1:00, Lunch

1:00-2:30, Panel 2:

  • Miles Grier, “Trans Formations from Early Modern Black Diaspora Studies”

  • Abdulhamit Arvas, “Gender Variance and Race in Translation”

  • James Bromley, “Transmaterial Attachments in Philip Sidney’s Old Arcadia

3:00-4:30, Panel 3:

  • Emma Frankland and Subira Joy, “Like Well & Allow It”

  • Andy Kesson, ‘“Plain fields”: John Lyly’s Galatea in performance

  • Natasha Korda, “‘Mincing Steps’ and ‘Manly Strides’: Practicing Gendered Footwork on the Early Modern Stage”

Friday, Nov. 4

10:00-11:30, Panel 1:

  • Jacob Romm, “Decircumcision, Baby: Surgical Conversions in Social and Historical Perspective”

  • Colby Gordon, “A Trans Crux”

  • Laurie Marhoefer, “Trans Historiography and the Holocaust”

11:30-1:00, Lunch

1:00-2:30, Panel 2:

  • Jordan Windholz, “Anatomy, Synecdoche, and the Elaboration of the Cisgender Body under Early Modern Patriarchy”

  • Ari Friedlander, “When Milton was Cis”

  • Daniel D’Elia, “An Archaeological Approach to Deconstructing Sex and Reconstructing Agency”

3:00-4:50, Panel 3:

  • Drew Daniel, “Chasing the False Florimell, or Transversal Spenser”

  • Madison Wolfert, “Britomart’s Fair Genders, or, Who Gets to (be) Trans in The Faerie Queene?”

  • Melissa Sanchez, “Transmisogyny, Colonial Cacophony and Early Modern Trans Studies”

Saturday, Nov. 5

10:00-11:30, Panel 1:

11:30-1:00, Lunch

1:00-2:30, Panel 2:

  • Nicholas R. Jones, “Mastering Blackness and Intimacy in María de Zayas y Sotomayor”

  • Cory Huston, “Whose breast is it, anyways?: Bifurcation of Self in A Christian Turn’d Turk”

  • Julie Crawford, “Margaret Cavendish’s Bodies”

3:00-4:30, Panel 3:

  • Mario diGangi, “Transgender Epistemology and Non-Binary Masculinity in Early Modern Interfaith Drama”

  • Sandra Goldstein Lehnert, “History / Trans / Youth: Epicoene & Hearing Past Silence”

  • Sarah Wall-Randell, “The proper false: Twelfth Night, trans exclusion, and “Original Practices,” 2002-2022”